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ShrinkWrap - cost effective packaging

Shrinkwrapping is utilised in an enormous range of industries with EDL - John Quinn Packaging active in all of them. Finding success particularly for 'Sales and Display' and transit packaging purposes, shrinkwrap, is a lightweight and durable form of packaging of which many companies have taken full advantage. The continuing developments in film have sought only to improve the saleability of off-the-shelf products. However, it is transit packaging where shrinkwrap shows its true strengths. This cost efficient altemative keeps the products together whilst protecting them from the elements. With the help of our machines the film can be quickly applied to many different products from food and drink to pharmaceuticals, the list is endless but all can be accommodated.

Providing ShrinkWrap Solutions

Manufacturing machinery for such a wide variety of industries, each having its individual demands and requirements, means that versatility has to be incorporated into all our packaging lines. Together with a comprehensive range of optional extras the machines can be adapted to the individual needs of the customer. From our small manual overwrappers of the Simplicity range up to the fully automatic sleeve sealers, all are manufactured from ergonomic, and fit-for-purpose designs. This has been the fundamental key to the company's success and, along with our on-going development and dedicated workforce, is what will take us into the future.

The Packaging Experts

EDL - John Quinn Packaging prior to its merger designed and manufactured the best shrinkwrap machinery in the packaging industry. Over the years each company has developed and evolved to meet the ever changing needs of the packaging industry, gathering unrivalled experience within its field, to the extent that its machines can be transposed to meet almost any packaging requirement within its market. Our commitment to continued development in both our products and the workforce has ensured a culture which is dedicated to both the innovative machines and the customers, building a philosophy which has repercussions throughout the entire packaging industry.